January 3, 2021

Mingus View Presbyterian Church. . .


. . . a fellowship of believers proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ through worship, nurture, and striving to exhibit the Kingdom of God to our community and the world.

Sunday, January 3, 2021, 10:00 a.m.

2nd Sunday of Christmas

Epiphany of the Lord Sunday

On entering the house, they saw the child with Mary his mother; and they knelt down and paid him homage. Then opening their treasure chest, they offered him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.” Matthew 2:11

You are invited to join our 10:00 a.m. Sunday morning worship service VIRTUALLY ONLY on our Facebook page. Sunday is the 2nd Sunday of Christmas and the Sunday closest to Epiphany, or the 12th Day of Christmas. The title of Jerry Hammon’s message is “God in Christ (Revealed)” (Ephesians 3:1-12). The Sacrament of Holy Communion will be celebrated, so you are invited to have a small piece of bread or cracker and some juice ready. Janet Hansen & Fran Chadwick will sing “Epiphany/Antiphony” an arrangement by Fran Chadwick. Music will be provided so that our hymns may be sung and they include “Ye Servants of God, Your Master Proclaim”, “I Come With Joy”, and “As With Gladness Men of Old.”


  • Calls to the church phone number are being forwarded to Susan Goe. You may also contact us directly:

Jerry Hammon – phone or text – 520-586-4709

Susan Goe — phone or text – 928-499-0044

  • No Activities this week in the church building except for the Food Pantry on Monday!
  • Previously scheduled events for January such as the January Session meeting, annual officer’s retreat, service of Installation & Ordination, and the Annual Meeting of the Congregation, have all been postponed until, hopefully, sometime in February. Watch for updates.


Monday Food Pantry Open, 9-11




  • Please enter through the doors at the top of the ramp.
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers have been installed throughout the building. Please use sanitizer after opening the door and before entering the sanctuary.
  • Everyone is required to wear a mask. If you don’t have a mask, one will be provided for you.
  • Social distancing of a minimum of six feet will be required in the seating in the sanctuary. Couples and family members may put chairs closer together, as long as the six foot requirement around other chairs is maintained.
  • Worship bulletins will be placed on each chair. There will be no hymnals or Bibles. You are welcome to bring your own Bible as long as you keep it with your person.
  • There will be no singing. Hymns and responses may be used in the service but will be spoken.
  • There will be no communion during July and August. If conditions have improved by September, a method of limited-contact communion will be used.
  • There will be no passing of offering plates. A plate is located at the back of the sanctuary to receive your gifts.
  • Passing of peace will be done in place, without physical contact and walking around, please.
  • Fellowship Hour has been suspended. After the service, please leave the sanctuary in an orderly fashion, maintaining social distance.
  • The service will continue to be available on-line for those who prefer not to attend worship in person.




Our Sunday worship service begins at 10:00 a.m. Following the guidelines of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Book of Order, our weekly worship is planned around five major actions:

  1. Gathering around the word – a joyous time of song and greeting one another in the name of Christ, as well as preparing our hearts to receive the Word by confessing our sins.
  2. Proclaiming the word – readings from the Old & New Testaments, special music from our choir or soloists, and a sermon based on the Scripture.
  3. Responding to the word – we respond to the Good News of God’s word to us through our prayers and offerings.
  4. The sealing of the word – a benediction and blessings send us out.
  5. Bearing and following the word into the world – it is now our responsibility to take what we heard and live our lives to God’s glory.

At Mingus View, we celebrate the Sacrament of Communion on the first Sunday of every month. All are welcome to the Lord’s table. Gluten-free bread and plain water are available for those unable to eat the traditional communion food.